Monday, December 7, 2015

Tower of God S2 Ep. 179

It's been awhile since I've been this hyped for a Tower of God Chapter. Spoiler warning, as I'm cutting straight to the chase - the combined form of Hoaqin and his four siblings is in fact the Slayer White. Not a Slayer Candidate like Bam, but a full blown Slayer.

As White is almost undoubtedly a High Ranker, if the five of them successfully combine then the heroes will have almost no chance of winning. As OP as Bam is himself for a regular, facing a slayer at this point in his journey would be like, in One Piece terms, a Shichibukai showing up in East Blue. Then again, the previous irregular Urek was said to have fought the 5th ranked Ranker (and very likely the father of Hoaqin and siblings whose unreachable strength drove them into fusing in the first place) Arie Hon on even grounds when he was still in the regular stage himself. Urek was on the 100th Floor at the time while Bam is still just below the 40th. If Bam had completed his training with the God of Guardians then maybe he would have unlocked his full potential immediately and stood a chance? Maybe Bam will pull something off, though, and actually manage to stand up against him. If I had to guess, though, I think Yuri will step in if White does indeed appear.

Considering how far Daniel is going to revive his former nakama Roen, is he really going to let his other former nakama get killed by Anna in the process? Although Roen was probably the most special to him. Daniel has already been skirting the line between both sides to achieve his interests, but I don't know if he would outright turn against Hoaqin.

Judging by the voice that comes from the White Heavenly Mirror, Wangnan and Vicente's group must have acquired another of the siblings over the last month. If so, then that leaves only one of the five unaccounted for. As the voice says that someone is nearby, it makes me wonder if they are en-route to acquire the fifth as well.

I can't be the only one that has found Vicente incredibly suspicious ever since he convinced Wangnan to release him from the mirror. While he might have some disagreements with Hoaqin, he seemed to forgive Wangnan much too easily for that.

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