Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fairy Tail 459-460: Double Chapter

Fairy Tail 459: Weakness
Fairy Tail 460: Pegasus Descends

Natsu saves Erza, who soon passes out as would be expected. I should note that since my last review I've recalled that the reason Erza didn't use her Wind Armor/Water Sword earlier was that Marin was negating her requip for most of the fight (though she was using it just fine at the start of the fight). I'm not particularly satisfied with that explanation considering that Marin was on the other side of the city and the size of a toothpick at the time. His power is very OP for a B villain, and Fairy Tail is immensely lucky Brandish weakened him. Still, it's a better explanation than I previously thought, so that's good.

The pollen kicked up by Ajeel's sandstorm sends Brandish into a sneezing fit and gives a chance to easily take her out. Pretty darn lucky as well, but I guess not everything has to go wrong for the heroes in a story.

Wahl shows up with some mechanical soldiers designed to counter Gray, Juvia, and the Strauss Siblings and then decides to leave. Kind of a dumb move considering how obvious the counter to this is - he could have at least made like ten of them for each of the five targets; but maybe the magic is limited to just one per person.

He confronts the Thunder God Tribe, and when their eye magics fail to have an effect on him he reveals himself as a machine too. Makes me wonder why he was disguising himself as human to begin with considering that he decides to transform at pretty much the drop of a hat. I kind of prefered his old appearance, but I guess both of his transformations are more shounen in appearance.

I did like Ichiya as comedic relief here as well.

While it had really cool art, the climax of this battle showcases a recurring problem I have with Fairy Tail battles - oneshots abound. The villain is utterly crushing the heroes, until they either have a friendship power up or pull out a new power and claim victory in a single big panel exactly like the one at the end of chapter 460. The other Thunder Gods oneshot their opponents too once they decide to switch, which was disappointing to me as I wanted to see more of them. Whatever, I guess they are C-listers. Although it does seem likely that Wahl will recover somehow soon, it doesn't make his easy defeat here after powering up any more forgivable.

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