Tuesday, November 3, 2015

UQ Holder 100: Intimate Exchange

More harem developments that I don't really care much about. With both another nude scene and another bath scene both in this chapter, it brings to mind the last arc of Negima which I felt really tried to both bring back and ramp up the fanservice as if to make up for the very long and serious magical world arc. I'm not really a fan, and was hoping we'd have something more plot heavy for the big 100th chapter.

Notably, Kuroumaru briefly thought about how right it felt when he was protecting Touta. Maybe he'll have some development sooner than I thought.

At the end Yukihime ended up inadvertently performing the 'back scrubbing ritual', which to me is a sign that Akamatsu is really aiming to push that ship. The previous arc has already given her the biggest leg to stand on amongst the harem, even if she's already rejected the notion. Although, I'm wondering if we'll yet again have the series end without it ever being resolved.

And Santa's just sitting there relaxing. When can he matter again? Why aren't there any girls fawning over him?

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