Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tower of God S2 Ep. 176

In order to help Baam conserve his energy for the fight with Hoaquin, his teammate Moontari goes up against Buelsar while, further above, Ehwa continues her battle with Angel.

Although I think he looks pretty cool, and he definitely has some skill judging from the fact that he can use Reverse Flow Control and that he was shown to have defeated Ran, if Buelsar is at the same level as his brother Varagarv I have a hard time imagining that he stands a chance. Perhaps if  Bero Bero joined in. My complaints from the previous chapter still stand though - if this was a character from the Season 1 cast, even a minor one like the knight guy, that we'd stuck with and seen develop then I think I would care more to see him putting his life on the line in a fight like this. I get that Moontari is probably leagues stronger than any of the minor cast from Season 1 and the higher we go the stronger the enemies we face, but they could probably still train to similar levels even if they will always be leagues below Baam and company.

I'm glad that it seems like we're going to get a decent fight scene that doesn't involve one of the A-listers (heck, even Rak hasn't really done much in quite some time), but I think there are better candidates among the new Hell Train regulars (Boro, Aka Williams, Sachi Faker) to get their own fight scenes. That said, I thought Moontari was pretty awesome here, so he gets a pass. I hope Baam really doesn't step in.

Buelsar's 'Hell in a Cage' seems like an oddly specific ability, kind of like a hatsu from Hunter x Hunter. Are the chains permanently conjured? Are there random locations somewhere in the tower where he summoned the chains and didn't die in whatever fight he was in, thus leaving the chains there forever? Did he not also just cut himself off from his teammate? Assuming there's really no other way to pass, then this is bringing up a death flag for Buelsar. I thought it was a bit early into the arc for Hoaquin's teammates to start kicking the bucket (although I'm sure Hoaquin will still claim the lead in this game), and am happy that SIU seems to be proving me otherwise. Reducing the number of characters running around is a good thing in my book.

Angel kills Hongjo to prove how evil she is and prompts a shounen power up from Ehwa. Pretty cliché stuff, but I'm interested to see that unfold. Guess it will have to wait until next week.

My gripes aside, I thought this was a pretty good chapter.

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