Monday, November 16, 2015

My Hero Academia 67: Scratching the Veneer

So I was wrong about my prediction in the last review - instead of 2-3 more chapters everything got wrapped up in just 1 more. This was to the detriment of all the matches we saw in this chapter - Iida and Ojiro only got half a page which consisted of little more than the hero praising them for passing. Hagakure and Shouji got even less, just two panels showing them standing in their arena as its announced that they've passed, and then a comment from Midoriya that their match was something like a game of hide and seek. Of the rest, it seems like we skipped over the most important scene in No. 13 vs. Aoyama and Uraraka, as it just sort of cuts to her having forced him to the ground and handcuffed him - although I enjoyed what we did see. Mineta's match was better - at first I thought he just got lucky in pinning Midnight in place, but after rereading I suppose he actually has pretty decent aim. That was probably the most satisfying of the matches. I am disappointed, and really hope that these scenes we've skipped over indeed get expanded on in the anime.

Team Ashido and Team Kirishima don't make it in time which means, if what was implied earlier on is true, they won't be joining the rest of the class at the forest lodge. If my intuition is right (and it was wrong recently, so I wouldn't give it too much merit) and the lodge turns out to be a big arc, then this might be Kouhei's way of reducing the cast herd a bit. Unless they decide to sneak out of summer school or something. Despite being really interesting, My Hero Academia has been moving at lightning pace since early on and, while I don't that's been entirely a bad thing, I think the series would benefit from slowing down its pacing for an important, dramatic arc. That's what I'm hoping for at least, but I don't find it especially likely.

The villain alliance gets another scene which involves them being joined by new recruits (although, knowing Shigaraki, he may well reject them for daring to mention Stain), giving credence to my theory that the next arc will somehow involve the alliance. Judging from the picture he has of Midoriya, I would guess that he's going to have them hunt down the kid as a test. I don't think Kouhei would give us a simple rehash of the USJ arc where the villains randomly show up and start brawling, so I'm really interested to see what he has in store.

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