Friday, November 13, 2015

Fairy Tail 461: For Whose Sake is That Parfum?

Wahl turns out to have a lot more up his sleeve than I first expected and the Thunder God Tribe get taken out in their attempt to save Ichiya. Unfortunately, it seems they'll be out of commission for the rest or at least most of this arc, much like with Tartaros.

I wonder how Ichiya realized the attack was coming and managed to mobilize the ship so quickly; I guess he was listening in on Fairy Tail's telepathic connection. The fact that the ship has the ability to broadcast speech all throughout Fiore seems like it should be fairly advanced magic and makes me wonder why they even had such a feature installed in the first place.

I wasn't expecting it to be done in this way, but I think everyone knew that the other guilds would be lending a hand in the upcoming battle. It seems awfully befuddling that Fairy Tail didn't contact the other guilds themselves when it should have been obvious that they wouldn't hesitate to lend a hand (and that they would need the support if they wanted to stand a chance). Ever since Alvarez was first introduced by describing how many mage guilds it has in comparison to Ishgar, it seemed obvious that it was going to involve other guilds as well.

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