Monday, November 16, 2015

Fairy Tail 462: Battlefield

All mages guilds in the nation of Bosco have been eliminated. No idea how Warren was able to tell that - the capabilities of his Telepathy magic seem rather ill-defined and have turned him into little more than an exposition device. Whatever, I don't care about him anyways.

We get shots of the various guilds heading to confront the enemy forces in different directions (for some reason walking, and together despite the different guilds likely based in different parts of the country). Then we decide which Fairy Tail members are going to back up which side. I could have lived without this chapter, Mashima could have easily just had the guilds show up on the battlefield instead of spending time telling us who is going where. At the end of the chapter we see Natsu heading straight for Zeref... like he stands a chance.

I think the guild's strategy of ignoring the western front because it's moving slow is kind of stupid. Knowing that Zeref is there should make them even more concerned about it, not less. Maybe they're moving slow now, but once Zeref realizes that most of Fairy Tail forces have dispersed it would be idiotic of him not to rush in and take Fairy Heart while they're weakened.

We see Brandish being kept prisoner, but we don't get any new information from her, so that scene wasn't really necessary either. Marin Hollow is still out in the town and planning to rescue Brandish. Kind of a dumb move for Lucy/Cana to not capture him as well after defeating him. Maybe he got blown away by the Sandstorm?

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